What is Concierge PT and Why is it Getting So Popular?

concierge physical therapyIn some ways, current healthcare models work, but in many ways, they are a bit ‘broken,’ for lack of a more sympathetic term. Patients would often have to wait several weeks to months just to gain access to the health providers they need—a period long enough for conditions to escalate from acute to a graver, chronic state.

Fortunately, alternative practice models are on the rise and doctors of physical therapy are beginning to adopt them into their practices in order to meet patients’ demand for quality and convenient care. This is what concierge medicine or in this case, concierge physical therapy is all about. It’s a cash-based model for healthcare that involves customized delivery of services along with customized payment methods.

A popular type of concierge service that many physical therapy software systems promote involves subscription-based pricing, which allows for patients to pay an annual or monthly fee in exchange for unlimited access to the services of their physical therapist.

A second option involves the use of package deal offerings, much like how fitness centers, gyms, and studios work. An example of packaged concierge physical therapy offering is when a doctor of physical therapy offers a certain number of visits for a set price as opposed to an unlimited subscription. Smart PT providers often construct their care packages around typically seen conditions, enabling patients to have convenient payment options to cover their needs.

Concierge PT service models are much like traditional concierge healthcare models in that providers allow patients to join and subscribe to practice as a subscription-based member, with the option to pay for special packages as their need arises. PT providers have the freedom to decide on a payment structure that best benefits their practice and ensures constant cash flow. For instance, a sports physical therapist might provide special 15-session AC recovery packages for those undergoing rehab after ACL surgery. PTs specializing in geriatrics, however, might encourage clients who suffer from multiple chronic conditions to take therapy on a more practical, subscription basis.

Concierge PT has grown in use and popularity over the years, and the trend will only continue to rise, as more and more PT practitioners discover the unique benefits of this business model. One of the most significant advantages of concierge PT is greater financial stability for practitioners—especially private practices that require a more reliable stream of income than traditional, cash-based models offer. This is because subscription-based concierge PT models allow therapists to charge as they wish—according to offers that the market will likely support—hence, providing them much more reliable cash flow.

Concierge PT likewise offers scheduling flexibility, enabling providers to provide practice hours that best accommodate the needs and preferences of their patient population, regardless of whether they cater to children and adolescents, young parents, professionals, or perhaps even older adults, each tending to have varying appointment preferences when receiving therapy.

Another benefit of concierge PT is that it puts physical therapists on the map. It enriches a patient’s perception of physical therapists; they are no longer seen as just providers of specialized care but as primary care providers.

In addition to these industry benefits, concierge PT likewise offers patient benefits such as better personalized care and cost-predictability. With concierge PT service models, patients enjoy personalized, on-demand care while keeping their expenses predictable and hence, more manageable. These all boil down to unmatched convenience for both patients and practitioners who in turn are able to provide more attentive care for patients.

As the PT industry continues to grow, practitioners are on an endless search for bigger and better ways to enhance the services they provide and make their practice more accessible to patients. Are you looking for a new software system for your practice?

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