How Online Reviews Impact the Decision of Prospective Patients—And What You Can Do

physical therapy emr softwareOnline reviews can dramatically affect the number of patients coming into your door. Just as good reviews can encourage more people to choose you as their healthcare provider, a bad review can be disastrous for the reputation of your practice. And because it’s easier than ever for a disgruntled patient to leave a scathing remark about your clinic, it’s important to be proactive—you have to nip issues in the bud and prevent the problems from happening in the first place. You can do this with the right physical therapy EMR software.

Bill Your Patients Correctly

Billing issues are some of the biggest causes of bad online reviews. Patients hate it when they are billed incorrectly—and they won’t hesitate to use social media to make their disappointment known. With a solid PT billing software, all outstanding bills and related data can be noted and managed. Alerts can be automatically sent to patients, and your practice can keep track of insurance claims and debts. It’s even easier to validate procedures with the insurer before ordering it. Your receptionist or billing staff can immediately help patients who might be uncertain about their coverage or are confused about what benefits they are entitled to.

This reduces billing problems that upset patients while helping you keep track of your practice’s financials.

Provide the Best Service

Choose physical therapy EMR software that provides productivity reports. This way, you can track who is responsible for certain tasks and check if those tasks have been fulfilled. This is a great way to keep tabs on everyone’s productivity, make your clinic more efficient, and ultimately serve your patients better—which means positive reviews.

Improve Overall Clinic Management

The right practice management software can help your medical office—whether it’s a small practice or a larger business with multiple locations—become more organized. You and your support staff can use it for daily tasks, particularly for financial and administrative operations. From tracking patients to performing billing and insurance claim procedures all the way to processing payments, the right software can reduce human errors and lighten your staff’s administrative load and freeing up resources that can be redirected to patient care.

Apollo Practice Management software helps to streamline the administrative tasks involved in running a practice, giving you and your staff more time and energy to attend to your patients. And as you know, happy patients leave positive online reviews—which will ultimately help you grow your clinic. Contact Apollo today to know more.
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