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From scheduling to billing and documentation to practice management reporting, optimize all your workflows. Our affordable physical therapy software lets you pick and choose from the various options to create a customised solution that’s just right for your practice.

Recommended by our customers as the best physical therapy software for PTs, we strive to offer end-to-end business solutions designed specifically to optimise clinical operations.

Per Month
1 Practitioner
Unlimited Scheduling
Unlimited Billing
Unlimited EMR
100 Texts per month
100 Fax pages per month
Per Month
5 Practitioners
Unlimited Scheduling
Unlimited Billing
Unlimited EMR
500 Texts per month
500 Fax pages per month
Per Month
10 Practitioners
Unlimited Scheduling
Unlimited Billing
Unlimited EMR
800 Texts per month
800 Fax pages per month
Per Month
15 Practitioners
Unlimited Scheduling
Unlimited Billing
Unlimited EMR
1500 Texts per month
1500 Fax pages per month
Per Month
25 Practitioners
Unlimited Scheduling
Unlimited Billing
Unlimited EMR
2500 Texts per month
2500 Fax pages per month
Pay-as-you-go service

There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay as specified on the chosen plan. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again.

Unlimited Users

Apollo’s affordable physical therapy software offers freedom from software licenses and unlimited user accounts to accommodate staff, admin or any other person in your team apart from the practitioner that requires access to patient records.

Multiple locations

With Apollo Practice Management you can build multiple practice locations within a single account. Moreover adding locations for each business doesn’t come with any extra cost.

Free Support

All members have unlimited access to Apollo Practice Management’s Technical support. This feature comes absolutely free as it is included in the package.

Still have questions?
Following is Apollo Practice Management FAQ’s. If you have other questions come visit our Support Centre forum.

Apollo Practice Management is a cloud hosted product which requires no new software or hardware installations. All that is required is a monthly subscription of your choosing from options described above and an internet connection.

Apollo Practice Management is completely web-based, all you need is an internet connection and web browser to log in to your account. You can use a PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or smartphone to access the software.

Yes, Apollo Practice Management is HIPAA compliant. All information areas are password protected and all the users have their own individual secure login. All information sent remotely across servers is in encrypted format.

Our claim scrubbing will ensure that your claims are clean or error free before submission, accordingly it will generate alerts, notifications, or reminders in case of approval or rejection.

Yes, Apollo Practice Management is easily scalable and affordable. Irrespective of the number of locations being used, it can perform data migration, digital transmission between multiple office locations and other services based on SAAS.

Yes, it is possible to upload paper based scanned documents, SOAP documents, patient notes, and X-rays into the system. This acts as a single repository for full access about particular patient information.

We accept all major credit cards for our online mode of payment and checks if you prefer to pay offline.

Our implementation cycle is shorter when compared with other client-server models. Exact implementation length will depend on the size of the practice, data import process and customizations needed.

Training at setup is carried out using screen share applications where we take you over everything from setting up a patient, appointments, SOAP documentation and billing. We are happy to answer questions anytime over email. Apollo Practice Management has a very simple interface that is easy for users to operate on their own, with minimal training from our dedicated staff. Our active support forum is most likely to answer a lot of the common questions.

You can certainly send alerts and reminders automatically by setting a time in advance. Alerts and reminders are usually sent through email or sms.

Example of automatic alerts- Patient appointment reminders, message to therapist to explain that their schedule has changed, specific custom alerts for weather conditions.

Yes, each individual patient has a stored billing history including transaction detail. Any generated search for a patient’s name or number will display how much of the billing amount is pending and whether an insurance claim has been made on that amount or not.

Apollo Practice Management can directly transmit claim information to your supported billing service.

Although Apollo Practice Management hosts the SAAS platform where your data is stored, it is you who owns and controls the data. You can access it anytime and you take it with you if you choose to stop using our service.

Apollo Practice Management is based on the SAAS application platform where we provide our clients with the latest updates absolutely free and continue to do this on a rolling basis versus only once or twice a year. New features get added frequently, we post then on our support forum and our facebook page.

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