Save Money And Time With A Physical Therapy EMR Software

Physical Therapy EMR Software gives you undeniable benefitsElectronic medical record or EMR software helps healthcare professionals to do many things. For example, creating, managing and maintaining health records of all patients at one location, scheduling, charting, billing activities.  

Tailor-made specific EMR software can be customized to each medical practitioner’s need and workflow.

With the help of EMR software, the healthcare industry is now moving away from relentless paperwork, and the medical service providers can manage their practice more efficiently.

Do You Need An EMR? 6 Points To Ponder…
A Yes or No will depend on your need.

Consider these…
1. Are you frustrated by scheduling and rescheduling patients without any system to keep track?
2. Do you wish to have a better acceptance rate of your claims submitted to insurance companies?
3. Do you like to give your practice a better and professional management?
4. Do you need to integrate your medical practice with your patients’ medical records?
(EMR does that)
5. Do you need to share records with external agencies?
(EMR comes with external interfaces)
6. Do you want a tailor-made software solution designed especially for your specialized practice?

Now that you’ve got the questions (and probably answers too) ready, the next step would be to read the features of EMR.

You’ll be able to ascertain how critical (or not critical) EMR solution could be for your work…

13 Undeniable Useful Features Of EMR Software
A Comprehensive EMR system allows all these…

1. Data entry for consults and assessments
2. Assigns  diagnoses, create and send orders for lab work, medical tests, and consultations
3. Sends electronic prescriptions to pharmacies
4. Refers patients to outside providers
5. Creates patient charts electronically
(including demographics, clinical health histories, allergy information, medications, immunization records, progress notes, lab results, etc etc)
6. Ensures  proper billing and invoicing
(Banishes down coding or coding at a level below the degree of the given medical service)
7.  Sends alerts and reminders
8. Manages appointment
9. Helps in Claims management
10. Drug to drug interaction (for drug allergy)
11. Medication and recall tracing
12. Mobile and wireless access
13. Patient self-assessment

Now you have a better idea about what an EMR can do for you.

Let’s look at your take aways…

5 Outright Benefits Of Physical Therapy EMR Software

Maximize Productivity
In today’s world which is now a digital world, you as a medical service provider must coordinate with countless people like patients, outside stakeholders, caregivers, other medical professionals.

It is through a collaborative effort that you can give maximum benefit to your patient and to your practice too.

EMR helps you doing that.

It helps in automatic collaboration right from the documentation, scheduling, billing and integrating them to you practice so that you get maximum productivity.

Patient Work Vs Paperwork
A study conducted by American Hospital Association (AHA) reveals that at least 30 minutes of every hour of physical therapists/caregivers go in paperwork when this time could be given to patients.

An EMR software ensures that all relevant information flows automatically to wherever and whenever you need it without a single re-type.

Ease, Efficiency, Time Saving
1. Your firm members need not pull out the files of incoming patients and re-file papers and put them back in place at the end of the day.
2. No hassle of missing paper, document, record or file.
3. Communication between therapists, assistants, billers is instantaneous.
4. No waste of time in moving information and things from here to there.
5. Everything organised through automatic alerts and emails.
6.All data at one place accessible anytime, from anywhere. Documentation work is integrated to managerial tasks saving enormous time, energy.

No Stereotype!  Choose Your Own From Plentiful Templates
Numerous templates to meet any of your documentation needs. Even each template you can customize as per your need from simple to more sophisticated with your name, logo, business details included.

Efficient Claim Handling!
EMR software alerts, notifications, and reminders will ensure that your each claim denial is efficiently handled, compliant and error free before submission.

Physical therapy EMR software is not just a medical software.
It’s a complete practice management software.

Apollo Practice Management is a SAAS-based physical therapy practice management software or PT management software service provider.

Apollo Practice Management software keeps your practice on the right road, with its comprehensive and user-friendly applications; it provides a solution to all your needs.

It’s PT practice management EMR software includes PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System). It ensures that your practice is PQRS compliant, avoids penalties and collects incentives for your practice.

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