How to use technology to improve patient experience

How to use technology to improve patient experienceThe Apollo project began in 2007 when Randy Porter saw that there was a need for a professional physical therapy practice management software that includes all the essentials that a Physical Therapy practice needs. The primary goal at the onset was to free PTs from having to install multiple software that doesn’t play well together.

Apollo Practice Management software keeps the physical therapy practice on the right road, with its comprehensive and user-friendly applications including scheduling, documentation, billing, and reports that are created and filed in your practice every day.

Physical therapy scheduling software

Our scheduling software helps you increase your productivity and efficiency with its SAAS functionality which allows your staff to update schedules 24×7 from any mobile device irrespective of location. Such efficiency gets rid of any delays in scheduling resulting from manual registration or from using standalone desktop scheduling software.

Physical Therapy EMR Software

One cannot emphasise enough on the need for proper patient documentation in a physical therapy practice set up. Misplaced or lost documents and records pertaining to a patient result in low productivity and a whole lot of time wastage. With our EMR software, your day-to-day documentation of patient record is taken care of. It generates electronic documents that are easily stored, synced and backed up. So you have easy access to all files pertaining to one patient in a simple, relevant platform. Multiple users across devices can also view patient data. Simple remote coding initiatives are possible. And it eliminates redundant storage space requirements.

Physical Therapy Billing Software

Our physical therapy software eases your billing process. There will be no need of maintaining traditional medical billing processes and resources in order to maximize profits. Invoice requirements from private bills, insurance claims, bulk billing and employee payments are created in the system and dispatched directly to the patient without a glitch.

Putting you in complete control of your billing Apollo Practice Management enables you to clearly code each bill to reflect the purpose and minimize confusion and financial losses accurately.

Web Based Practice Management Reporting Software

When running a practice single-handedly or coordinating a large staff with multiple practitioners, it is best to understand where you are at and how things are running. Use Apollo web-based practice management reports software for your physical therapy practice. The system will track your business growth using real-time information optimally and facilitate intelligent decision making by providing access to information about all aspects of your business. With a touch of the screen or click of the mouse, these practice management reports can be accessed, integrated and developed through the SAAS platform to fulfill any strategy or effective marketing channel you devise.

Our software is worth implementing. For one it is not very expensive when you compare it to other similar products in the market. Secondly, you won’t find it short of any features that a physical therapy software should ideally have. And thirdly which I think is most important the company delivers on support. Now when you implement any technology, you are sure to have some teething problems as a novice user, and that’s why you need to tie up with a vendor who will provide you with the patient and quick support in case you face any issues.  We deliver exceptionally on this front.
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