Physical Therapists Moving to a mobile-centric world

Ruder Finn recently conducted a study which revealed that the average American spends almost three hours per day on their phone. Are they using apps to play games, instant message, access their email, participate in a conference call, or send a text? Apparently, it is all that and more. The study results showed that using mobile internet to socialize has increased by 91% as compared to the 79% of socializers who prefer to access the web on their desktop.

Some consider the mobile phone to be a more accurate anytime, anywhere device due to its portability and wide range of features required for outdoor activities. It would be difficult, for instance, to carry a laptop and attempt to navigate down a road to find your destination.

But there is another more compelling reason that the use of mobile phones is surpassing desktops and laptops. Social networks have become an invaluable part of modern living, and the mobile phone is the best way to update your social platform and stay in touch with the lives of your overseas friends and family.

During the nearly three hours a day that US users spend using the internet on their phone, 43% are connecting with their friends via social media websites, 45% are interacting with social networking platforms, 38% are sharing photos they have taken, and 40% are sharing content that they find important.

Social networking is not however, the only reason that there has been a significant spike in the trend of mobile usage. The 3G and now 4G network speeds and readily available network plans are expanding the capabilities to a market that previously may not have had access to an online world. In India, there are more smartphone users than desktop users and many rural cities have a large population exposed to the modern science of mobile phones.

So how does this relate to the changing workplace? Why is moving to a mobile-centric workplace a topic of great interest to those neck deep in the world of technology? Using a mobile environment for work brings a greater flexibility to the work timings, physical location of the employees or office and the hardware the company chooses to use. Particularly now with the age of the cloud moving swiftly across every industry around the world, it has given rise to the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device – including, and more frequently, on mobile phones.

Apollo’s online physical therapy software provides these benefits for physical therapists, combining the current cloud and mobile trends into a platform that provides the ease of billing, freedom to work from anywhere, on any device and at any time, at a reasonable price. This physical therapy billing software was created by physical therapists who understood the need for PT billing software.

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