Importing your data into Apollo PT Practice management

Physical Therapy

Moving from one practice management system to another can often be a daunting task, relearning a new software is an inconvenience but moving the large amounts of patient data gathered over the years can be a much bigger challenge.

This is where Apollo is different, we assist you in not only learning the software but also in importing all the data from your legacy system, over the years we have imported data from DOS based legacy systems, Windows based desktop software and also from other Cloud based systems.

The process is seamless, we login via remote connection to your server and download the files. The next step is to convert the file formats and import them into the flexible Apollo data structure.

As the databases for accounts are physically separate the imported data is safely plugged into your exclusive database.

The imported data is matched to the Apollo structure, we work closely with you to populate data thats not available or needs to be procured from other sources. The final import is made to a staging environment where you can review the import before it goes live.

Don’t let data import anxieties hold you from moving to a new more optimum practice management software which will save time and money.

Contact us for more information on how we can make your transition to Apollo seamless.

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I am not very educated on practice management software, but I do know that my dad installs this software for a living. He has explained it to me a little bit but I still get confused. I think that it would be really nice though to use this for check-in and patient registration in offices. It’s amazing how far our technology has come in this day and age!

Holly James

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