6 Reasons to Integrate Your EMR Software with Your Patient Portal

physical therapy EMR softwareRecords management is a vitally important task in any medical office. This said, the sheer volume of documentation and information that PT practices must deal with can make it extremely difficult to keep things organized, especially when files start piling up and information start diversifying. This is where a physical therapy EMR software comes handy. With a physical therapy EMR, you eliminate reliance on paper records, free up space in your office, and usher in a new age of productivity and efficiency for your practice.

An EMR software becomes an even more powerful tool when integrated with your patient portal. With so much of the average person’s life now becoming digitized, it isn’t surprising how medical records and patient portals have taken a similar direction. Integrated EMRs that include patient information makes managing and viewing people’s medical history, treatment details, as well as schedule and billing much easier than using multiple software tools that don’t work together.

Here are even more reasons why so many PTs are making the switch to physical therapy EMR:

  1. Going the paperless route not only reduces (or sometimes completely eliminates) paperwork in PT offices—it also solves space and storage issues created by mounting paper files and documentation that need to be physically sorted out, filed, and stored in the premises.
  2. By making information readily available online and with a quick touch or click of a button, increase in productivity and speed in service delivery can likewise be expected.
  3. The aforementioned reason further results in increased care quality, since practitioners no longer have to fiddle with paperwork while initiating diagnosis or when administering treatment. With consolidated patient information, it is easier to put two and two together, which allows for better treatment approaches. This also enables better communication with patients.
  4. Patient safety is also assured as there are fewer chances of losing track of patient’s conditions such as allergies or perhaps the prescriptions they are taking. Avoiding these kinds of errors lead to reduced risks in patient safety.
  5. Increased staff productivity and efficiency can likewise be anticipated as administrative personnel and practitioners become equipped with tools that help them complete tasks much faster than ever.
  6. Reduced cost is also a great benefit to (and reason for) adopting an integrated EMR and patient portal system, especially when it comes to unnecessary staffing expenses, storage costs, and maintenance.

Apollo’s Physical Therapy EMR software is built and designed to provide PTs with a single powerful tool and save you from the hassles of multiple software tools and platforms that don’t really mesh well together. Apollo is the fruit of years of research and testing, resulting in a seamless system that simplifies practice management for physical therapy practices.

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