Easy migrating from PTOS

Easy-migrating-from-PTOS (1)Every software will be inviting you to join. They will go on and on as to why they are the best and why you should go with them. Chances are you really don’t want to move, you are happy with PTOS and disappointed with Patterson for closing the program down.   

What you need is a software that is going to allow you to operate as close to PTOS as possible, but has greatly enhance benefits (have patients submit demographics and health history on-line that goes directly in system). APOLLO is just such software. Having consultants on the APOLLO team that used to work for other software companies (including PTOS) is a key.

Things you need to ask the software vendor. Will the software that you look at be able to bring everything over? Are you going to switch me to your system or allow me to have a product that is totally compatible to the way I use PTOS (such as account types)? Will all my data all look familiar in the new software? Do you allow me to trial with no purchase so I can look on my own without you watching me? Do you have a nice easy flow from patient entry to billing, such that you can start billing within minutes of using the software? Has your software brought over PTOS users from all platforms (from the latest windows version product, all the way back to a DOS product)? APOLLO HAS.

We are offering a limited time offer to PTOS customers to help them migrate from PTOS to Apollo without losing any information from their systems. Our engineers can help you export, import and modify data as needed.

APOLLO Practice Management Software allows you an alternative that is easy to transition and has the knowledge to grow into the 22nd century.

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