Apollo introduces new cloud-based Physical Therapy Practice Management software

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 16th October, 2013: Apollo Practice Management is an SAAS-based provider and developer of affordable clinician software. The industry leaders recently developed a new revolutionary physical therapy practice management software. It is a cloud-based model that will allow clinicians, physical therapists, practitioners and clinical staff with an avenue to effectively manage their practice anytime, anywhere.

Apollo recognizes that technology is paramount, as is the rate at which it continuously recreates itself through cycles of evolution. Cloud computing, is the latest development in cutting-edge technology. Understanding the immense possibility for a paperless practice that would improve efficiency, exponentially grow profits and electronically support a smooth billing process, Apollo developed an easy-to-use practice management software.

The web based practice management system has been created for physical therapist, by those in their industry who understand the challenges of the profession and the need for technology that will enable them to more efficiently run their practice.

The software platform allows cloud-based management of multiple processes simultaneously. Using the management software, physical therapists will be able to minimize their collections efforts, generate cohesive reports and expertly manage the billing of the practice.

Alan Visnick, Director of Treatment at Orthopaedics Plus recommends that this is the software for those in the physical therapy industry who are looking to better understand their business. The Apollo Practice Management System has successfully provided her with “valuable tools to manage accounts receivable, referral management, documentation and scheduling.”

The practice management software has been designed to be user-friendly and is self explanatory. If additional technical support is required, Susan Lattanzi, Physical Therapist at Mount Auburn Physical Therapy Associates has had a customer-focused experience in which the phone support she received was responsive and delivered positive results.

For more information on the software, contact:
Apollo Practice Management
Phone: 888.447.8065
Fax: 413.443.0737
Website: https://www.apollopracticemanagement.com/
Email: [email protected]

About Apollo Practice Management:

A digital age calls for digital solutions. Apollo Practice Management was created in 2007 to help provide solo practitioners and larger health organizations with a cost effective Cloud application for professional physical therapy management. Apollo’s simple yet diverse management tool provides a digital solution for documentation, scheduling, billing, and reports so that health organizations can grow.

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