5 Reasons to choose an integrated EMR system

5 Reasons to choose an integrated EMR systemThe healthcare industry is witnessing one of the most significant paradigm shifts currently: with patients demanding value-based services instead of fee-for-service. It has become imperative for all players in the healthcare industry – right from providers to vendors to ask themselves if they are equipped with the right technology to handle these changes, and how it eventually affects their revenue cycle.

The healthcare industry is an information-rich industry. Providers with busy practices – and patients with hectic schedules – are increasingly seeking for avenues that make healthcare transactions quick and straightforward.

The solutions to all these problems is an integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system that integrates with web-based practice management software and billing software.

If you are contemplating integrating physical therapy EMR software into your medical facility, these might just help to make up your mind.

Reduce costs:

A redundant or an inefficient software can not only decrease productivity but also increase health care cost. When PTs have software that cleverly integrates practice management, EMR, and billing into one system, they save valuable time on repeatedly inputting the same data. It helps to decrease errors made when transferring data, increase time-saving and productivity – that eventually help PTs to spend more time on health care for each patient.

Watch your practice

An integrated software allows PTs and administrators to have complete information on every step of the interaction. With access to a wide variety of reports, patient information, and a better grip on the billing claims; it allows PTs to understand the strength and weakness of their facility better and work how to capitalize and improve them.

Work the way your clinic runs

PTs have complex responsibilities that transcend beyond medical claims and reports. With an integrated EMR system, PTs can remain actively involved in every aspect of the practice without changing the software. It helps doctors to effectively manage staff and deal with claim issues, access patient files, or submit prescriptions remotely – even when working from another clinic, from home or while on vacation.


EMR integration is not just about making the swap from paper-based system to digital record-keeping, but keeping a hawk eye’s view on patient health and how the entire practice runs. EMR makes it possible to gather crucial analysis data that radically improves critical operations. Stakeholders in the clinic can make prudent and quick decisions regarding workflow, scheduling, claim inventor, and more based on the data provided by the EMR.

And the Biggest Reason to Choose EMR software – A Better Practice!

Physical therapy clinics are high-energy places and few complications the practice faces from achieving optimum performance, the better. Physical therapy EMR software encompasses digital progress, ensuring a seamless flow of information within the digital infrastructure, making information available whenever and wherever needed, thus radically transforming the way care is delivered and compensated.

With complete patient information available at your fingertips, PTs improve their ability to make well-informed decisions quickly and confidently. Less time wasted by staff flipping through paper records, increases productivity, resulting in better health outcomes for patients, which means a positive reputation for your practice.

If you need help to make that switch, contact us today! We offer services that cover the move to EMR, from implementation to projection management, from legacy support to help desk support, working with you every step of the way.

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