Practice Management Reporting

Web Based Practice Management Reporting Software

When running a practice single-handedly or coordinating a large staff with multiple practitioners it is always beneficial to understand where you are at and how things are running. To help optimize real-time information that tracks business growth and or to facilitate intelligent decision making Apollo web-based practice management reports software provides access to information about every aspect of your practice. These practice management reports can be accessed, integrated and developed through the SAAS platform to fulfill any strategy, or effective marketing channel you devise, with a touch of the screen or click of the mouse.

Exclusive reporting designed for your Practice.

We offer well over 400 cookie cutter reports, if you need a specific type of report or export we will be happy to build it exclusively for you.

Practice Report

Practice Management Reporting

Apollo’s Web-based Practice Management supplies a list of predefined reports to help you explore every aspect of your practice and maximize efficiency. Its powerful reporting capabilities allows you to report on every aspect of your practice such as dropped off patient report, aged accounts receivables, no show report, missed appointment report, practice income report and many more.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reportings

All financial reports are integrated with other system reports making manual counting redundant and reducing the time required to retrieve numbers. With this Web-based practice management software, all billing and expense data can be exported to create graphs or excel sheets that accurately portray your financial state. Any outstanding bills can be noted and alerts sent to the patient automatically to keep track of debts or the status of an insurance claim.

Productivity Report

Productivity Reports

Through this feature you can track the productivity of your staff and be aware of the tasks required of them and when each task is fulfilled. This will help the efficiency of the admin and ensure no task is left undone.